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HMC offers services for all things gutters. Our speciality selections give you the freedom to select a gutter that will effectively protect your home or business while fitting the style or look. You won’t have to compromise appearance for quality with these specialty gutter options. You can count on our team for expert installation and maintenance to keep the water out.

Making the Right Choice

Your Specialty Gutters Experts

The HMC team are the gutter experts of the Upstate. We take everything into consideration before recommending the best option for your commercial or residential property. From evaluating the amount of rainfall in your area to the roof pitch and materials, we’ll guide you through the process.

Not sure which gutters to select? That is where we come in. Our fully licensed and insured team can recommend a specialty gutter solution like Soldered Copper or Galvalume Gutters to match the current feel of your home or business. As always, our team will complete the job in a timely manner and be there every step of the way keeping you involved.

Explore Our Specialty Gutter Options

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Soldered Copper Gutters

  • Longest lasting gutter option available
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Standard for pairing with copper roof applications
  • Timeless, elegant and top quality
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Steel Gutters

  • Commonly installed on commercial buildings
  • Available in multiple shapes and custom profiles with color-matching options
  • Great for areas with large amounts of rain and styles of roof with large overhangs
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Galvalume Gutters

  • Thicker metal than standard aluminum
  • Available in all profiles HMC Gutters provides
  • A timeless classic that easily matches a modern farmhouse or barn feel
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K-Style Gutters

  • Larger capacity of water intake ideal for larger or high-pitched roofs
  • Available seamless in 7″ and 8″
  • Fabricated out of aluminum or steel
  • Best option for long runs with fewer downspouts
in Half Round Website Pic

Half-Round Gutters

  • Available in 8” and paired with round downspouts
  • Great option for high-pitched roofs with large amounts of water
  • Provides a seamless architectural appeal
Slant Box Website Pic

Commercial Slant Box

  • Slanted face is the ideal solution for commercial buildings
  • Available seamlessly in 7″ and often paired with 4×5 downspouts
  • Many color options in aluminum and steel
All in Seamless Website Pic

All in Seamless

  • Fabricated with the machines on-site
  • Seamless gutters provide a leak-free service
  • Long lasting protection; No seams = No leaks
Unique Colors Angles

Specialty Gutter Solutions

Not sure which specialty gutter solution is best for your home or business? The HMC Gutter team will come on-site to take measurements and recommend the best solution. We’ll return and install exactly what you need with recommendations to maintain the best experience with your Gutters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The right type of gutter for your home or business will depend on many different factors. We primarily evaluate the pitch of your roof, maximum rainfall intensity in your area, and the overall look you’re seeking on the exterior of your building.

All of the gutter systems we offer are seamless gutters, which are sturdier than sectional gutters. Beyond that, K-Style gutters are the most common and traditional choice for homeowners, while half round gutters offer a more decorative look for your home’s exterior. For businesses and commercial projects, box gutters are the most popular choice. We also offer custom fabricated gutters to better suit your style or technical needs.

Like your gutter style, the material and color of your gutters will depend on your priorities. We offer several different fabrication options to fit different building styles and budgets.

  • Aluminum is a popular and cost-effective material for gutters. We offer 32 painted aluminum options. You can use this tool to see which color would look best on your building.
  • Kynar-painted steel gutters are another option that is extremely durable. We offer several different color options in this material, as well.
  • Copper gutters are a great sturdy and high-end option. They are becoming more popular to fit certain home aesthetics.
  • Galvalume gutters are made of an aluminum-zinc alloy-coated sheet of steel. Their steel core gives them extreme strength, and the coating protects them from rust. They are more cost-effective than copper, and sturdier than aluminum.

Size matters, the bigger the better. However fascia size and architectural design factor into determining the correct gutter size.

Yes, especially in a place like the Carolina’s where we get a larger-than-average amount of rainfall.

Copper Half-Round is known for being the fancy gutters. They are the longest lasting gutter option requiring little to no maintenance. These half-round gutters are available in 6″ and 8″ and paired with round downspouts. They are a great option for high-pitched roofs and provide a seamless architectural appeal.

With proper care, your gutters should last 20-30 years. HMC gutters have a 50-year paint warranty.

Routine maintenance and gutter guards will help to extend the life of your gutters. HMC offers bi-annual maintenance plans and basic cleaning services.

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