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Gutter Installation Services

Did you know that water can create some of the most costly structural repairs to buildings? A building without gutters or with an old or damaged gutter system has a much higher risk for water damage, rot, erosion, foundation issues, and more. Although old gutters can sometimes be repaired, starting over with a new system is often the safest and most cost-effective option.

HMC proudly offers gutter installation of high-quality seamless gutter systems. We can help you protect your home or business from the elements, which will save you money (and headaches) in the longrun.

Why Choose HMC?

We’re Experts At All Things Gutters

Simply put, HMC is the authority on gutter systems in Seneca, Clemson, Salem, Sunset, and surrounding communities in Upstate, South Carolina. From a technical standpoint, our craftsmen are experts at calculating the right type of gutters for your home or business. We evaluate things like roof pitch and maximum rainfall intensity in your area to determine the product that will best suit your building.

Our craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the core of what sets us apart. We promise that the work we do for you, whether it’s a big installation or a minor repair, will be completed in a timely manner and within your budget, while showing the greatest attention to detail and quality. We stand by our work so much that we offer a guarantee on every gutter system we install. Plus, we’re fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured you’re protected from liability.

Explore Different Types of Seamless Gutters

K Style hanger installation

K-Style Gutters

  • Most common for residential buildings
  • Seamless (sturdier than traditional sectional gutters)
  • Available in 5” and 6”
  • Used with traditional 3×4 and 4” round downspouts
  • Available in 32 aluminum colors, as well as copper, kynar painted steel, and galvalume

Explore Color Options

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Half Round Gutters

  • Often considered a “specialty” gutter style, because they are more visually appealing
  • Paired with 4” round downspouts
  • Available in 32 aluminum colors, as well as copper, kynar-painted steel, and galvalume

Explore Color Options

Commercial Box Gutter

Box Gutters

  • Most common for commercial buildings
  • Rectangle in shape
  • Available in 7” and 8”
  • Typically paired with 4×4 downspouts
  • Available in kynar-painted steel and aluminum
Unique Colors Angles

Custom Fabricated Gutters

Not sure which style you need or have a more complex project? HMC has the ability to custom fabricate a gutter for your residential or commercial project. We will come on-site, take measurements, and return to install exactly what you need.

Request a Quote Today

Our Gutter Installation Process

From start to finish, we handle everything in-house.


Step 1

The first step is to request a quote. A member of our team will reach out to you with a few intake questions and to schedule a time for someone to come to your house (you don’t even need to be present!).


Step 2

We gather measurements and other information for your project to create your quote, including the scope of work, and then email it to you.

signed contract

Step 3

Upon signing and approving the contract, we will order all materials and reach out to you the day before the intended start date.

house ladder

Step 4

On installation day, our skilled crews get to work, and will gladly go over the scope of work and answer any questions you may have.


Step 5

When the project is complete, you will receive an invoice via email. Upon payment, your HMC Gutters Warranty is now active and ready to go for the next 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

The right type of gutter for your home or business will depend on many different factors. We primarily evaluate the pitch of your roof, maximum rainfall intensity in your area, and the overall look you’re seeking on the exterior of your building.

All of the gutter systems we offer are seamless gutters, which are sturdier than sectional gutters. Beyond that, K-Style gutters are the most common and traditional choice for homeowners, while half round gutters offer a more decorative look for your home’s exterior. For businesses and commercial projects, box gutters are the most popular choice. We also offer custom fabricated gutters to better suit your style or technical needs.

Like your gutter style, the material and color of your gutters will depend on your priorities. We offer several different fabrication options to fit different building styles and budgets.

  • Aluminum is a popular and cost-effective material for gutters. We offer 32 painted aluminum options. You can use this tool to see which color would look best on your building.
  • Kynar-painted steel gutters are another option that is extremely durable. We offer several different color options in this material, as well.
  • Copper gutters are a great sturdy and high-end option. They are becoming more popular to fit certain home aesthetics.
  • Galvalume gutters are made of an aluminum-zinc alloy-coated sheet of steel. Their steel core gives them extreme strength, and the coating protects them from rust. They are more cost-effective than copper, and sturdier than aluminum.

Using a licensed and insured contractor protects you as the homeowner or business owner. If a handyman were to get hurt on your property, you would be liable for the injuries through your homeowner’s insurance. If using a fully licensed and insured contractor, their insurance covers any potential injuries or complications.

HMC Gutters has multiple crews of gutter installers which are all W-2 employees. Therefore, everything is in house and we are able to provide consistent quality results. We do not contract out any gutter cleanings, repairs or installations.

Determining rot can be challenging without removing the old gutter system. If rot is discovered, it is crucial to repair as a rotten fascia board cannot structurally support a new gutter system. HMC can replace metal-wrapped fascia, as well as, traditional and detailed wood fascia. We are carpenters, after all–trust that your rot repair work was done correctly and that your new system can truly protect your home for years to come.

Unfortunately, that is against our standards here at HMC. We pride ourselves in superior craftsmanship and guarantee all of our work. If any rot is discovered, we will gladly repair it or return to the job site to install gutters once the rot has been repaired by others.

HMC accepts cash, check, and credit card payments.* Some clients choose to drop cash off at our office, some call in and pay over the phone using a card, and most choose to mail a check.

*A processing fee is applied to all card transactions

Yes, financing options are available upon request. Protecting your home from the elements is very important. We want to make it possible for each and every owner to be able to take the best care of their homes and businesses regardless of financial standpoint.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a completely maintenance-free gutter system. However, gutter guards do assist greatly with lowering the amount of maintenance your gutter system needs. Please note that it is very important to choose the RIGHT gutter guard for your home or business. The area we live in, the trees surrounding your building, etc all play a role in determining which gutter guard will best help your gutter system.

By hand from ladders ensuring that all debris is removed so gutters can flow freely. We also seal any visible leaks and notify the owner if any issues with the gutter system are found. Learn more about our gutter maintenance services.

HMC Gutters services the majority of Upstate SC as well as some parts of GA and NC. We frequently work with clients in Clemson, Seneca, Salem, and Sunset, South Carolina. Contact us to see if we can service your home or business!

At HMC Gutters, we take pride in providing high-quality gutter installation, maintenance, and guard services. We are confident in the craftsmanship and materials we use, which is why we offer a comprehensive warranty to protect our clients’ investments.

Our warranty covers 12 months of labor and materials for any workmanship or materials issues that may arise with your gutter system. If you notice any problems during this period, we will promptly address them and make the necessary repairs at no additional cost to you.

Additionally, we offer a manufacturer’s 50-year warranty on the paint used for your gutters. This ensures that your gutter system will look great for decades to come, even with exposure to the elements.

We are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring our clients are satisfied with our work. If you have any questions about our warranty or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.