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Gutter guards assist your gutter system greatly by preventing debris build up inside the gutter which can clog your gutter system. Eliminating that build-up allows your gutters to continue doing their job effectively, therefore protecting your home from the elements.

No gutter guard is going to make your system completely maintenance-free, but gutter guard installation is a great first step to reducing the amount of maintenance necessary.

Gutter Guard Install

Types of Gutter Guards

There are many types of gutter guards on the market, and some are better than others. Determining the correct gutter guard for your system is just as important as having them installed in the first place.  We have narrowed the wide selection of guards down to three primary types: perforated metal, solid cover and wire mesh.

Gutter Guard Install

Perforated Metal Gutter Guards

These can vary in style but are essentially metal plates with perforations that cover the top of the gutters. Debris is usually visible when it accumulates, letting owners know when they need to do maintenance. Maintenance is simplified by allowing the debris to be blown or swept off the top of the gutter guards. These guards can also be easily removed if interior cleaning or repairs are ever needed. Here at HMC, we have found that perforated metal gutter guards tend to work the best and have the best return on investment here in the Upstate.

Solid cover gutter guard

Solid Cover Gutter Guards

This guard relies on the natural tendency of water to follow the curve of a metal or plastic cover into the gutter while the debris falls off the front. This type of gutter guard is ideal for a gutter system without trees in close proximity.

Wire mesh gutter guard

Wire Mesh Gutter Guards

Wire mesh gutter guards also vary in style. These guards let smaller debris in but prevent large debris from entering the gutter system. However, our experience has taught us that the high pollen count and pine trees in our area reduce the effectiveness of wire mesh guards, causing them to require more maintenance than others.

Gutter Guard Advantages

Advantages of Gutter Protection
  • Keeps you from having to climb a ladder to clean your gutters
  • Protects the facia from damage
  • Helps keep your crawl space and basement dry
  • Protects your home’s foundation
Advantages of Our Guard System
  • Can be installed on your existing gutters
  • Helps to extend gutter life
  • Adds value to your home
Advantages of Doing Business with HMC
  • Professional installation by HMC employees
  • HMC is a 5-star rated company with a name you can trust
  • HMC stands behind their work

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